Silk Scren RAGS Foundation Winners!

Two Weddings and a Funeral Wins RAGS Foundation

People’s Choice Award for Best Film

Silk Screen is proud to announce the winner of the  RAGS Foundation People’s Choice Award for the 2013 Film Festival. It is Two Weddings and Funeral ( South Korea)

The People’s Choice Award is sponsored by the RAGS Foundation, which is a non-profit organization started by Sridhar and Gunjan Tayur

 All films [except opening, closing night, and short films] were eligible to win the prize.


First Place Winner: Two Weddings and a Funeral

South Korea, 2012

Directed by: Kim Jho Gwang-Soo

Starring: Kim Dong Yoon-I,  Ryu Hyeon-kyeong, Jeong Ae-Yeon

Awards and Screenings: Busan International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival

Two Weddings and a  Funeral’s director, Kim Jho Gwang-soo, is one of South Korea’s few openly gay public figures, and uses his films as a platform to explore the lives of gay individuals in a society that largely frowns upon same-sex relationships. Kim uses his 2012 production to follows painfully shy, gay doctor Min Soo’s relationship with his partner, Suk, as they try to hide their relationship from family members and friends while still maintaining their love for one another. The director doesn’t just follow male same-sex relationships, but also delves into the daily life of a gay female obstetrician – Hyo Jin –  who works in the same hospital as Min-Soo. Like Min Soo, Hyo-Jin also has trouble reconciling her sexuality with Korean society, especially as she and her partner (played by Jeong) desire to adopt a son. In order to hide their sexuality and fulfill Hyo-Jin’s desire for a son, Hyo-Jin and Min-Soo marry, with plenty of antics and poignancy blended into later scenes. Close to the film’s end, a good friend of Min-soo’s is discriminated against because of his sexuality, leading Min-soo (and the audience) to wonder – does happiness and acceptance mean that you must live a lie?

A truly revolutionary film, Kim Jho Gwang-soo’s Two Weddings and a Funeral encourages not only acceptance of homosexuality in a largely disapproving global society, but offers a model from which people can learn to love themselves and others for who they are. 


Second Place Winner: The Thieves

South Korea, 2012

Directed by: Choi Dong-Hoon

Starring: Kim Yeon Seok, Lee Jung-jae, Kim Hae-sook, Jun Ji-hyun

Awards and Festivals: Hawaii International Film Festival, Hae-suk Kim won Best Supporting Actress at the Grand Bell Awards (Korea’s Oscars)

Coupling high comedy with elements of Ocean’s Eleven and Reservoir Dogs, Choi Dong-Hoon’s The Thieves follows an eclectic group of cat burglars and upper-echelon thieves as they attempt to steal a diamond necklace from a Macau casino. Along with the diamond heist plot, Choi interspersed the narrative with a reunion of ex-lovers and ex-partners in crime;  a mother-daughter duo who are polar opposites; and a mysterious gangster known for doing away with all who cross him. As with any good caperfilm, the players’ individual agendas and betrayals lead to a series of hilarious antics, and leave the audience wondering just who will get away with the diamond necklace.  

Honorable Mention: Foreign Letters

USA, Israel, Vietnam, 2012

Directed by: Ela Thier

Starring: Noa Rotstein, Dalena Le, Jade Gurman-Chan, Daniel Bahr

Festivals and Awards: Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival ( 2013), Utopia Jewish Center, Rosh-Pina Cinematheque, Nasville International Film Festival, Busan International Children’s Festival

Set in the United States in the 1980’s, Ela Their’s Foreign Letters is a semi-autobiographical account of two girls – Ellie, whose family fled from Israel, and Thuy, a Vietnamese refugee – whose shared backgrounds and mutual desire for friendship lead to a deep bond. Yet as the girls grow older and try to adjust to life in the United States, their friendship begins to fray – Thuy focuses more on her academic studies, and Ellie interprets this as Thuy purposefully distancing herself from Ellie. After the relationship reaches its nadir, Ellie realizes that she must find her own path in life and accept herself for who she is, allowing her to finally reconcile her friendship with Thuy.  In the film’s final scenes,  as we see Ellie writing a letter to an old friend in Israel, the audience is left with a simple yet poignant message– nothing can tear apart true friendship. Not only does the film explorses the issues faced by immigrants adjusting to a new lifestyle and culture, Ela Thier’s Foreign Letters is an innovative coming-of-age story and a testimony to human goodness and friendship.


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Silk Screen is Recruiting Fall Interns and Volunteers!


Summer has just started , but now is also the perfect time to get a leg up in the fall intern search! Every fall, spring and summer, Silk Screen recruits interns in fields such as videography and photography, marketing, event planning, and much more. If you are interested, check out our internship page or our website for a full description of duties. Just send your resume and cover letter to 424 South 27th Street, Suite 203 Pittsburgh, PA 15203.  

If you aren’t available for an internship, you may want to try volunteering for one of our film festivals, cultural celebrations or dance and music performances. We need volunteers of diverse talents, ages, and backgrounds, so feel free check out our volunteer page and email for more information!

Listen to Music From India Every Suday at 8:00 PM

Every Sunday evening from 8:00-10:00 PM, Silk Screen founder Harish Saluja and Board President Dr. Vijay Bahl  host Music from India on Pittsburgh’s WESA radio station*. Conent comes from Dr. Bahl and Mr Saluja’s shared collection of over 2,000 CD’s and cassettes, and features classical, contemporary, and film songs from India. The program is the longest of its kind in the nation, having started in 1972 after the India Association of Pittsburgh asked Harish Saluja to host the radio program We can’t think of a more perfect way to end one’s weekend than by listening to soothing compositions by a score of exceptional Indian artists.

*Music from India was on the WDUQ radio station until recently, but was later changed to WESA

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Are You Ready for Another Silk Screen Festival?

Feeling a little blue now that Silk Screen’s 2013 Film Festival is over? Well, we have good news – we will be having a mini-festival this November! Every fall, Silk Screen holds a weekend of Middle Eastern films and shorts at the Penn State Greater Allegheny Campus, in order to showcase recent innovative and profound films from countries such as Egypt, Israel, and many others. We haven’t yet decided on final dates and locations yet, but be sure to check back for more updates!

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Need a Fall Internship? Silk Screen is Recruiting Fall Interns!


Are you a student or recent graduate from  CMU, Carlow, Pitt, Duquesne, or another university in Pittsburgh? Are you interested in working with non-profits, or perhaps have a long-rooted interest in Asian culture? Then apply for a Fall Internship with Silk Screen! Every Fall, Spring, and Summer, Silk Screen takes on a number of local students to take part in all aspects of running a successful non-profit, from marketing and fundraising to videography and photo editing.

All that you need to do is send us your resume and a cover letter at:

Silk Screen

424 South 27th Street, Suite 203

Pittsburgh, PA 15203.


Internships typically last for the length of a semester (14-16 weeks), and we ask that interns contribute 10-16 hours per week.

 Below we have listed each of the available positions and a brief description of duties. More can be found at:

Fundraising and Development Intern:

          Update Silk Screen Database daily

          Contribute to planning Silk Screen events, such as the Film Festival, the Gala, Cultural Days, etc.

          Distribute marketing materials to our partner locations, local libraries, school, universities, restaurants, and cinemas

          Research potential contacts in local newspapers and magazines

          Create reports and organize lists of potential donors, media and film contacts

          Flyer and poster distribution

          Festival Publicity

          Attend all Silk Screen events in order to spread our goodwill and to recruit new board members and volunteers

          Learn how to use the Sales Force online software database

          Assist in other office and administrative tasks


Film Program Intern:

          Help Silk Screen to rate, track, and coordinate bringing films to Pittsburgh for our annual Film Festival, Heaviest duties Oct.- March

          Keep a detailed spreadsheet of potential film choices

          Keep track of film format, in order to assist in scheduling (i.e. DigiBeta, 35mm)

          Assist in contacting filmmakers and distributors via phone, email, letters, etc, in order to schedule film delivery and screening

          Regularly meet with the film programming director and festival director about new updates, details, etc.

          Distribute chosen films to members of the Programming committee, and keep a list of who takes what films out of the office

          For film deemed interesting, find relevant press materials, movie stills, etc for the films chosen to be in the festival


Videography and Photo-Editing Intern

          Attend all Silk Screen events in order to spread out goodwill and to recruit new board members and volunteers

          Record all performances, activities, and speeches given at Silk Screen events, and take the names of performers, speakers, and guests featured in video and photographs

          Work with festival director to ensure music copyright safety

          Meet weekly with the web team, events coordinator, operations director, and festival director

          Accurately represent Silk Screen, community partners, visitors, and performers, and edit video for website using Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, or similar programs

          Distribute materials to partner associations, schools, restaurants, libraries, and theaters

          General Office Support

Program Book Editorial Intern:

          Intern will collaborate with the program book manager for the book’s content, editing, layout and proofreading

          Research information regarding actors, directors, films

          Write small synospses of films, dance or musical performances

          Proofread all written content for spelling and information errors

          Familiarity with Excel and Word

          Share pictures, logos, and movie stills with newspapers, news channels, magazines, etc. as appropriate

          With Administrative approval, send informational emails to film companies, reporters, essays writers, journalists, etc.

          Assist in general administrative tasks

          Collect different media, such as CD’s, DVD’s, and movie stills, about performers, directors, actors, movies, and track the format of each piece of media so that we know in which formats we can use it (i.e. is it too large too to feature in the newsletter? Is it hard to format online?)

          Organize film reviews, programs page, and ads in a file format and then onto a disc

Marketing Intern:

          Maintain Silk Screen’s presence online – Facebook, Silk Screen’s Official Blog, Tagged, Flickr, Pinterest – and deliver daily updates

          Meet with the technology director and festival director with marketing updates and details

          Keep a spreading of all electronic posting sites, fee, deadlines, memberships, passwords, etc

          Periodically submit event information to local schools, college, partner association, websites, blog, posting, networks, and more

          Maintain updates for ticket and merchandise sales on the website

          Research news areas for electronic marketing in all areas related to: Films, Asia, Asian Americans, Asian Musicians, Asian Dancers, Asian Theater, Other arts, Culture & Diversity,  Awareness, Festivals, Pittsburgh & Pennsylvania + surrounding area (150 mile radius) “things to do”  websites

Music Director Assistant:

          Arrange projects  tasks with the music director for all rehersals, events, and recording sessions

          Attend all music recording, rehearsals, and review sessions

          Distribute all music materials to partner associations, libraries, local universities and schools, theaters and restaurants

          Organize musician shifts for rehearsal, performances, recordings and reviews

          Keep meticulous notes regarding project updates

          Meet with music director and musicians when necessary

          Attend all Silk Screen function to spread our goodwill and to recruit new board memebrs and volunteers

          General Office Support

General Office Intern

          Attend Silk Screen events as ambassador to the organization with goal of recruiting new volunteers and committee members

          Assist in all special events planning

          Maintain spreadsheet of active volunteers’ and committee members’ contact information

          Coordinate volunteer shifts for events, as well as tasks for each volunteer

          Recruit new volunteers via email, posters, telephone, e-blasts, websites, blogging, etc.

          Distribute posters and other advertisements to partner associations, schools, restaurants, theater

           Train volunteers on required tasks at events (selling tickets, balancing sales amounts, distributing surveys, awards ballots, programs, contact info collection)

          Regularly meet with events coordinator and festival coordinator to discuss updates

          General office support

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Founder and CEO Derek Vasconi graciously wrote a rave review of Silk Screen’s 2013 Film Festival on Sakura Publishing’s blog – check it out! Thank you, Mr. Vasconi, for your kind words. We hope that you enjoy next year’s festival even more!


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How Many Langauges Does Silk Screen Founder Harish Saluja Know?


Silk Screen founder Harish Saluja is one of the most charismatic  and captivating individuals you will ever meet. Aside from his many accomplishments as a prolific painter, filmmaker, screen writer, entrepreneur and founder of New Ray Films, Mr. Saluja is fluent in five languages (excluding English) Can you guess which ones?

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