Which Capital was Once a Nomadic City?

Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, was originally intended as a nomadic city when it was established over three hundred years ago. 28 locations changes and several different names later, the Mongolian government decided to call the capital city “Ulaanbataar” after the nation was officially declared in 1924. The name means “red hero”, though it remains just who this hero was (Source: Info Mongolia; Legend Tour)


Idiom of the Day

From now on, we will be giving you at least one idiom or phrase from an Asian language that will not only brighten your day, but liven up your conversation. Today’s idiom comes from Mongolia.



бурхан оршоо бутын чинээ сахал урга    burkhan orshu duteen chine sakhal urga

Literally: May God bless you and your mustache will grow like brushwood

English Equivalent: God bless you, gesundheit (response to sneezing)

Source: Omniglot.com