Idiom of the Day

Persian Language

Pronunciation: Baron mesleh dobeh asb mirized

Literally: “It is raining like a horse’s tail”

English Equivalent: “It’s raining cats and dogs”
Source:  Adam Jacot de Boinod for Lonely Planet Magazine,

A Irresistible Dessert from Iran

For those of you who were able to see the Iranian film Modest Reception last night (or who will be seeing it this Friday at Regent Square!), we have found a lovely Iranian dessert that would be a great way to end your evening. Even better, you could make it in the afternoon and take it to the theater as a mid-movie snack. Today’s recipe for qotaab is from the Iran Chamber Society, which has a wealth of information on Iranian culture, history, cuisine and more.  Qotaab is a sort of deep fried pastry filled with almonds, cardamom and sugar.


          ½ cup of yogurt

          ½ cup of cooking oil

          ¾ cup of flour

          1 cup chopped/ground almonds

          ¾ cup sugar

          1 tsp. baking powder

          1 tsp. cardamom powder



1.      In a large mixing bowl, combine eggs, oil, yogurt and baking powder. Slowly mix in  flour while continually stirring the mix. Allow the dough to sit for 1-2 hour in a covered dish or bag.

2.      Peel and finely chop/grind the almonds. Mix in a small bowl with cardamom and sugar.

3.      Pour excess flour on a flat surface, such as a tabletop or cutting board

4.      Once the dough has risen,  knead it into several apple-sized balls, and then roll them until they are almost transparent.

5.      Use a cup of cookie cutter to cut the dough mixture into smaller designs.

6.      While finishing preparation, put the oil on a low to medium heat.

7.      Put the almond-cardamom-sugar mixture into the center of each shape , and then wrap it up using the edges of the dough.

8.      Let the pastry fry in the oil until it has turned a light to medium brown (depending on preference).

9.      Set on a cloth to remove excess oil, and then roll or sprinkle it with sugar.



If you would like to learn more about Iranian cuisine and culture, you may want to read the Iran Chamber Society’s website:


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