Who is the Most Recorded Bollywood Playback Singer?

Asha Bhosle, one of  India’s most renowned playback singers, was awarded the Guiness World Records 2011 award for the Most Recorded Artist.  Since 1947, it is estimated that Ms. Bhosle has sung in over 11,000 songs – singles, duets, and songs with choral backgrounds – in twenty different languages (Hindustan Times). Ms. Bhosle and her sister, Lata Mangeshkar, have been alternatively lauded as the “most recorded playback singer”. From 1974 – 1991, the Guinness World Records claimed that Ms. Mangeshkar was the most recorded artist. However, in 1991 they asked for documentation that she had sung in over 25,000 thousands, which Ms. Mangeshkar could not fully provide ( Hindustan Times).  Regardless of the specific numbers, one cannot deny that Ms. Mangeshkar and Ms. Bhosle are perhaps two of the most renowned and gifted singers of their age, and have drastically influenced Bollywood cinema and singing.

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