Where in the World Can You Attend a Crocheting Contest?

The small West Asian country of Azerbaijan has several fascinating sports and games for its female citizens. For example, there is a game called Seven Beauties, where several women are given crochet hooks and yarn, and told to begin crocheting at a certain time. Whoever can crochet the most visually appealing sock in the shortest amount of time wins the contest. Sumo wrestling and shooting are also gaining popularity with Azerbaijani women, along with more traditional pastimes.

Another popular sport  for Azerbaijanis is called chokvan. Here, players ride on horseback while hitting a ball into the opposing team’s goal area using long, curved sticks (similar to hockey sticks). Each player must dress in a national costume, and there are three referees present. Chiling-aghach is another favorite pastime. It is similar to the Western sport of cricket, but players use a small wooden stick in place of a ball.

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