What Afghan Recipe Uses Yogurt, Mint, and Cucumber to Parch Your Thirst?


Dogh is  a yummy and super-simple yogurt drink from Afghanistan that will surely quench your thirst (and your palate!) on these mercilessly hot days.

          16 oz. plain or vanilla yogurt

          4 cups chilled water

          ½ medium cucumber

          ½ tsp. salt

          ½ tsp. dried mint


1.      Mix yogurt and  water into a large pitcher.

2.      Skin the cucumber and finely chop. Add it into the yogurt and water

3.      Mix the mint and salt into the mixture. For a milder mint flavor, rub it between your hands before mixing.

4.      Serve chilled.

5.      For a twist on an old favorite, you may want to add in fresh berries and chopped fruits instead of mint.


For more information on Afghani recipes, check out the following sites:

Afghanistan Online (where today’s recipe came from): http://www.afghan-web.com/culture/cooking/dogh.html

Afghan Cooking Unveiled: http://www.afghancooking.net/afghan-culture-unveiled/afghan-cooking-recipes–all/


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