Who Is Silk Screen?

Silk Screen Logo moth and title

Silk Screen Asian Arts and Culture Organization was created in June 2005 as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit media arts organization. Silk Screen’s goals include educating communities about Asian and Asian American history, culture, experiences and issues, fostering understanding across lines of race, ethnicity, religion, age, and region, and sustaining growth and encouraging excellence in Asian American culture.

Within less than a decade, Silk Screen has spread its influence immeasurably and has added new events  every year. The organization’s crown jewel is a ten day film festival that features  Asian and  Asian-American films. The 2013  festival featured 31 feature-length films and two short films from all over Asia including South Korea, China, the Philippines, Egypt and India. The festival also screened the first Uzbek and Kazakh film in Silk Screen’s history.

For the past three years Silk Screen has also partnered with Winchester Thurston School and Sewickley Academy for a documentary series that focuses on a critical issues in Asia, such as gender,  caste, and political conflict. Silk Screen’s staff  is  in the process of coordinating  monthly movie screenings  at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History – updates will be published on Silk Screen’s website and Facebook pages regarding screening times.

2013 year also marks the emergence of Silk Sound, which puts a jazz contemporary twist on classical Indian and Chinese songs. Silk Sound will practice for approximately a year, culminating in its debut  performance at the New Hazlett Theatre and a WQED documentary about the performers’ journey to serve as an educational tool for the classroom.. Other celebrations include Chinese New Year, Diwali (Indian New Year), and Mahatama Gandi’s birthday.

Silk Screen’s Additional Programming and Events Include: 


Pittsburgh’s First Night          Chinese New Year                  Pittsburgh Arts Festival

Diwali                         Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday


If you would like to learn more about Silk Screen, please visit our website and blog or contact us at the following addresses:

Mail: 424 South 27th Street, Suite 203Pittsburgh, PA, 15203

Email: info@silkscreenfestival.org

Telephone: 724-969-2565


Website: silkscreenfestival.org

Blog: silkscreenfestivalblog.wordpress.com

Facebook: Silk Screen Asian Arts & Cultural Organization  



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