Balance an Egg Tomorrow at Noon If You Want a Year of Good Fortune!

Tomorrow is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival! Along with commemorating the death of Qu Yuan, many Chinese and Taiwanese citizens like to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in order to promote a sense of community, entertainment, bring good luck for the new year and snack on tasty zong zi. Along with wearing an herbal sachet to ward of bad spirits and hanging calamus leaves and pictures of Zhong Kui in their homes, Chinese citizens have another popular Dragon Boat Festival tradition: balancing eggs. If you balance a raw egg upright at precisely 12:00 PM on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, you will have good fortunate for a whole year. Tomorrow morning, shortly before 12:00 PM, we’ll be posting a reminder about egg balancing – please feel free to not only balance eggs with us at 12:00, but also send us pictures of your eggs! Good luck and may you receive good fortune!

If you want like to read Silk Screen’s article about the Dragon Boat Festival or read accounts about egg-balancing, the following sites are a good start:


Silk Screen:

Want China Time:

Taipei Times:


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