Kuzuyu Will Keep You Warm and Soothe Sore Throats

Pittsburgh has been having quite the chilly streak for the past few days, and we need something to warm us up – so why not try kuzuyu, a warm Japanese beverage made from kuzu vine?        While this thick, syrupy beverage may not entice the eye, it will delight the palate and is often used as both as dessert and a remedy for sore throats and runny noses. Even better, this beverage takes just minutes to make ,and you should be able to find kuzu powder at your local specialty grocery store.


          1 tsbp. Sugar

          1 tsbp. kuzu powder

          1 cup hot water


1.      Boil the water in a tea kettle, and let cook while preparing the powder.

2.      Use a spoon to disintegrate any blocks in the kuzu powder. Kuzu powder is a starch, so whenever it comes in contact with moisture, it tends to thicken and stick together. It is easiest to mix it in if the powder is very fine.

3.      Pour the water in the kettle in a tall mug, and mix in kuzu powder and sugar.

4.      Stir until the beverage takes on a syrupy consistency.

5.      Enjoy!

For more on Kuzuyu and other Japanese cuisine, the following sites are a good start:

Japan Centre ( Where today’s recipe came from): http://www.japancentre.com/recipes/kuzuyu-traditional-japanese-cold-cure

No Recipes: http://norecipes.com/blog/recipe/japanese/

Bento.com: http://www.bento.com/tf-recp.html

Web Japan: http://web-japan.org/factsheet/en/pdf/e36_food.pdf

PBS.org: http://www.pbs.org/food/cuisine/japanese/


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