Would You Like to Try Fish Bone Crackers?

As part of our mission to further understanding of Asian culture, cuisine, history and art, we at Silk Screen like to offer our patrons some lesser-known facts and recipes from different countries. So when we stumbled upon a recipe for iwashi senbei, or fish bone crackers, we just had to share it with our readers . Iwashi senbei may not be a typical snackfood in Japan, but you can find in some bars and sold as pre-packaged snacks, though some people do make it at home. We can’t wait to try this recipe out ourselves!. Enjoy!



-20 fresh sardine bones

– 1 tbsp salt

–  ½ flour or cornstarch ( to coat the bones)

– 3 tsp vegetable oil (varies with pan and bone size)


1.      Debone the fish, and leave the cleaned fish bones to dry on a paper towel for an hour.

2.      Heat the oil to a mid to high temperature.

3.      Coat the bones with flour, and mix into the frying oil. Cook until crispy and brown.

4.      Drain on a napkin. Season the senbei and serve.

5.      Alternatively, hone senbei can be served with fried potatoes, or cooked with soy and sugar.

If you want to learn more about cooking iwashi and hone senbei, the following websites are a good start:

JustHungry.com (where today’s recipe came from):



Shizuoka Gourmet:    http://shizuokagourmet.com/japanese-rice-crakers-senbei-%E7%85%8E%E9%A4%85-the-basics/


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