Recipe for Bhutan’s Iconic Dish, Ema Datshi

The Kingdom of Bhutan’s most iconic dish is ema datshi, a cheese-and- chilly mixture that accompanies virtually every meal. Depending on region and preference, you may want to include beans, ferns, mushrooms and potatoes into your ema datshi. However, be forewarned: Bhutanese cuisine is exceptionally spicy, and as the Tourism Council of Bhutan points out: “most Bhutanese people would not enjoy a meal that s not spicy”. Enjoy!

          4 1/3 cups water

          2 tsp vegetable oil

          1 cup Bhutanese red rice

          9 oz green chilies, sliced

          1 medium-sized onion, sliced

          2 tomatoes, chopped

          5 crushed garlic cloves

          3 stalks cilantro

          4 ½ oz. Danish blue cheese

          4 ½ oz feta cheese



1.      Boil the rice in about 2 ½  cups of water. After water has boiled, lower the heat and let the rice cook covered for twenty minutes, or until the water  has evaporated.

2.      In a separate pot, mix chilies, onion, and vegetable oil. Once water has boiled, reduce to a medium heat. Boil for ten more minutes, and then mix in sliced tomato and garlic cloves.

3.      Boil for two more minutes, and add in cheese. Allow to cook for an additional three minutes before removing from the burner.

4.      Stir and let stand for several minutes. Serve over red rice.

If you want to read up about Bhutanese recipes and culture, check out the following sites: ( where today’s recipe came from):

Tourism Council of Bhutan:

BBC News:




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