Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple is Dedicated to the Buddha’s Tooth

Did you know that a temple in Sri Lanka is dedicated to one of the Buddha’s teeth? The Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple ( “The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic”) is located in the royal palace in Kandy, Sri Lanka. In order to view the tooth, one must pass through a series of rooms and tunnels, until one reaches the ground floor of the temple. The inner chamber of the temple is enclosed behind an ivory and bronze-inlaid door.

The tooth itself is located in a chamber in the upper floor – the Vadahitina Maligawa – which is enclosed behind a door inlaid with ivory, gold, and silver. It rests within seven jewel-studded golden caskets that were given by several rulers. To the left of the relic is the taxidermied Maligawa Tusker (elephant) named Raja, who carried the golden caskets for over five decades and was declared a national treasure in 1984. To the relic’s right is a relic chamber called the Perahara Karanduwa, over which hangs a golden, jewel-encrusted lotus.

The Buddha’s tooth is one of the most sacred objects to  Buddhists worldwide. Buddha’s second tooth is believed to be kept in a stupa (religious monument/ reliquary) called Somawathi Chethiya.

If you would like to read more about Sri Dalada Maligawa, Dalada offers a wealth of information about the temple and relic’s history:




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