Looking for Interesting Coursework?


Are you looking for a way to make yourself more marketable in an increasingly globalized world? Or maybe you would like to read Dream of the Red Chamber in the original Chinese, or  Hafez’s gorgeous poetry in Persian? Are you just looking for a new challenge in your academic and professional career? Then you should learn a new language! The University of Pittsburgh offers several Asian and less-commonly taught languages through its East Asian Languages and Literature Department, Linguistic Department, and Asian Studies Center.  Below we have listed several of the Asian and Middle Eastern languages that you can study at Pitt:

*Farsi – 2 years

*Hindi – 2 years

*Hindi – 2 years

*Tagalog – 1 year

*Turkish – 2  years

*Vietnamese – 2 years

Japanese – 4 years

Korean – 3 years

Mandarin Chinese – 4 years

Modern Standard Arabic (with Egyptian or  Levantine dialect) – 3 years

*Languages with an asterisk (*) can often be studied for long periods of time with instructor approval


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