Silk Screen’s 8th Annual Movie Festival Starts Tomorrow!

Silk Screen’s 8th Annual Film Festival is soon approaching! This year we will be featuring films from China, India, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Korea – just to name a few. Even better, our selection features several animated films (“Sita Sings the Blues”; “Tatsumi”), short films (“The Perils of Growing Up Flat Chested”; “Buzkashi Boys”), and even have a Q&A with the Executive Producer of the “The Coin Bearer”, Mr. J.D. Beales.

What better to accompany a night of great cinema and time with your friends, than some movie snacks? But we aren’t just talking about popcorns or nachos – these are some of the tastiest street and movie snacks that you will ever find. Everyday leading up to and during the festival, we will share one new recipe for you to try as that evening’s mid-movie snack. Let us know what you think of each recipe, and if you have other cool recipes to share with everyone!

Today’s recipe is a popular  Chinese snack called xiguazi, or watermelon seeds. This specific recipe from uses peanut oil, lime, sugar and vanilla, but watermelon seeds can be served plain or fried up with virtually any other spice or condiment, from milk to cheese and soy.

–          1 lb. watermelon seed

–          1 tsp. sugar

–          3-4 tsps. of peanut oil (depending on the size of your wok or frying pan)

–          10 tsp. lime juice

–          Vanilla extract

  1. Pour water and lime juice into a large mixing bowl. Let the watermelon seeds marinate for 4-5 hours. After marinating, rinse the seeds with water and remove the seed shell and any other dirt that may remain on the seed
  2. Put 1 tsp. of peanut oil into a frying pan or wok. Once the oil is simmering, add the watermelon seeds.
  3. Once the seeds begin to toast, add another teaspoon of peanut oil the teaspoon of sugar. If the seeds are not coated, add a third teaspoon of peanut oil
  4. Once the watermelon seeds are properly toasted and coated in sugar, let them dry on a cooling rack.
  5. Once they are dry, put them in a bowl, and mix in a few drops of vanilla extract.

We hope that you enjoy your snack and our movie screening!


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